Getting Started with Nevron Calendar

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Add an appointment to Nevron Calendar

Add an appointment

Calendars are meant to help you create and organize your schedule. For this purpose whether you prefer to double click, right click or go to the "Appointment" tab on the ribbon and select the "Add +" button you will reach the "Add Appointment" window, with the help of wich you can specify every single aspect of your event.
Appointment title

Appointment Subject

The first line of the appointment window called "Subject" lets you type a general name of your event. The name you choose will be displayed on the grid.
Appointment description

Appointment Description

You can also add a "Description" to your appointment where you can add additional information to the event you don't want to be displayed on the grid.
Appointment category

Appointment categories

You can choose a different color for the various events from the category drop down list.
Appointment time marker

Time Marker

The time marker represents the character of your event availability.
Appointment notification

Appointment Notification

Never miss any important event of your schedule. Set the notification to remind you in the most convenient time for you.
Appointment group


Nevron Calendar allows you to choose a group of which your appointment is a part.
Hourly recurrence rule

Horly Recurrence Rule

The Hourly recurrence rule allows you to set the pattern by specifying the interval of the event frequency in hours.
Daily recurrence rule

Daily Recurrence Rule

The Daily recurrence rule has analogical to the hourly recursive rule settings.
Weekly recurrence rule

Weekly Recurrence Rule

The Weekly recurrence rule includes the setting available for the daily and hourly recursive rule, and it also lets you choose the days to which you would like the appointment to apply to by ticking check boxes.
Monthly recurrence rule

Monthly Recurrence Rule

The monthly recurrence rule allows you to either choose a particular day/days or just a date of each month. And the interval frequency by weeks.
Yearly recurrence rule

Yearly Recurrence Rule

The Yearly recurrence rule lets you not just to pick the particular day/days or dates of the month of each year or number of years, but to also specify which exact months it applies to.
Recurrence rule start end date

Appointment Appearance Range

All recurrence rule types allow you to set the range of appearances of the appointment like the Start date and the End mode of it.
Appointment start date and time

Start date and time

The range settings section on the appointment properties window, provides the opportunity to set the Start date and time of your appointment.
Appointment time zone

Time zone

You can also specify an exact time zone for each one of your events.
Appointment duration

Appointment duration

Sellect either the duration of the appointment or the end date and time.
Interactive editing of appointment


Nevron calendar also allows you to modify your appointments quickly in interactive mode, by just dragging and resizing it in a grid view mode.
Appointment QR code

QR Code Even Generator

Synchronize all your devices. Click the QR Code button and scan the barcode with your phone to automatically add it to your phone calendar.