Advantages of Nevron Office

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Advantages of Nevron Office

Nevron Office is created by a group of professional developers with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise-grade software development. The idea behind it is to finally present an office package that covers all needs of the modern user in terms of performance, speed and functionality.

With its very first release Nevron Writer claimed its place in the "hall of fame" of word editing software, challenging even industry rivals such as Microsoft Word® with document load speed nearly 5 times faster and advanced formatting features unseen in any other text editing software.

Here are some of the main advantages of Nevron Office:

100% identical under Windows and Mac

Nevron Office has been created to answer one of the most important questions of modern professionals: the need of an office suite that looks and behaves identically under both Windows and Mac. Because of the innovative technology which Nevron Office is based on, it is the only office suite that can promise you updates for both operating systems at the same time and absolutely identical features. You no longer need to worry for re-learning your office suite when you change computers - everything will be at the exact same place thus helping you increase your performance and ease your workflow.

Based on innovative technology

Crafted by professional software developers, Nevron Office is created based on Nevron Open Vision - the first true cross-platform development framework allowing simultaneous application development for Windows & Mac. For the software developers this is a life-changing technology helping them cut time to market drastically. For the end user, this is a chance to finally have their favorite software look and behave identically, regardless of their computer choice!

With interface you recognize

Nevron Office was developed to help you speed up your workflow which is why its interface has been designed to look similar to what you're already used to. It also allows switching back to the old-style interface (Microsoft Office 2003 interface) for those who do not feel at ease with the Ribbon.

Advanced formatting styles

Nevron Office supports some advanced formatting styles such as advanced gradient effects, transparency controllable on every level, padding and margin control as well as many others which you won't find in another office suite. Check the "How To" sections for Nevron Writer and Nevron Calendar to see how you can turn your documents and schedules into masterpieces.

Ready to use templates

The Nevron Office suite comes with some incredible, ready-to-use templates for all of the Nevron products - Nevron Writer and Nevron Calendar. Check the pages regularly - we will be adding more and more templates in the future!

Just starting!

Currently Nevron Office consists of Nevron Writer and Nevron Calendar but this is just the beginning! Very soon we will be adding Excel-like spreadsheets and other amazing software!

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