Nevron Writer version 2.0 is now available or Windows and Mac!

Nevron writer

Nevron Writer version 2.0 is now available!

For anyone using Windows, Mac, or Silverlight
Nevron Writer is now available for Windows and Mac users:

  • Free for Personal Use - at home or at school, for non-profit purposes
  • For Business Users - cost-effective solution for companies and business users
  • For Developers - Nevron provides a complete API for Third Party Development – it can be used to automate the document generation using .NET (C#)

The new version of Nevron's free text editor, now named Nevron Writer, has been officially released with major changes and many improvements. Version 2.0 of Nevron Writer contains the following new features:

Ribbon image

Introducing the Ribbon Command Interface
Nevron Writer now allows its users to work with Ribbon command interface, similar to the one in Microsoft Office Word. The availability to switch between the classic command bars (Office 2003 style) and the modern Ribbon command interface, based on the user’s preference, makes the word processing experience smoother and more enjoyable.
Text styles

Text styles
With version 2.0 Nevron Writer users can now take advantage of the use of predefined text styles for titles, headings and more. All styles are editable and users can choose to create and save their own styles.
Table styles

Table styles
Along with the text styles Nevron Writer introduces predefined table styles, which can also be edited or deleted. The user can as well create and save custom table styles for later use.
Better editors

Better editors
All editors inside Nevron Writer (including Paragraph, Section, Page editor and others) have been greatly improved with attention to the user experience, making them easier to understand and work with.
Border editor

Border editor (paragraph or sections)
The Border Editor in Nevron Writer has undergone tremendous changes, making it similar to the rest of the editors, and therefore easier to understand and operate with.

Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
Nevron Writer 2.0 introduces full support for Hyperlinks and Bookmarks within documents.

Symbol dialog
Nevron Writer 2.0 allows the insertion of symbols and special characters with a dialog much similar to what most users are already familiar with.
Ui themes

User Interface Themes
Nevron Writer allows switching between several different UI themes, including macOS theme, Windows XP, Windows 8 and few color variations of the Classic Windows theme.
Recent documents

Recent Documents
Nevron Writer 2.0 keeps track of the recently opened and saved documents, allowing the user to pin the needed ones to the menu and remove those not necessary from the list.

Improvements in format compatibility
All formats compatibility has been greatly improved in Nevron Writer 2.0 including color gradients in HTML and many more.
Nevron writer for mac

Nevron Writer available for the Mac users
Finally, an advanced and powerful word processing solution for the Mac users. With its second version, Nevron Writer provides the same user experience to both worlds – Windows and Mac. Both users can enjoy full-featured document processing at no cost.

With the release of Nevron Writer 2.0, Nevron introduces to its users the new home of the soon-to-grow Nevron Office: The website includes detailed information on all features of Nevron Writer as well as information on the upcoming products.

On all users can find download links and "How to" articles to help them get started quickly and hassle-free. The website also contains the online edition of Nevron Writer, which allows opening, creating, editing and saving documents in a number of formats without the need to register or download anything. Nevron Writer online is a fully-featured web version of the standalone application and operates with all popular formats: TXT, RTF, DOCX, HTML and PDF.

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