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Nevron Office

Powerful office suite
available for Windows
and Mac

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Nevron Writer
The best alternative to Microsoft Word®
Create simple and advanced rich text documents, convert between different text formats and export your work in PDF, HTML, ePUB and other formats.

Available for Windows and Mac.

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Nevron Calendar
Calendar & appointment scheduling
An advanced calendar application for appointment scheduling, tasks and events management. Import and export your calendars to iCalendar format.

Available for Windows and Mac.

Low-budget Microsoft Office alternative

While many people believe that they are "bound" to using Microsoft Office for all their document creation needs, that simply isn't true. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

The solution: The products inside Nevron Office are a low budget alternative to their Microsoft Office equivalents. You will not find a better and more cost effective solution for Windows and Mac - and what is best: when you buy them ones they remain yours forever- no subscription obligations.

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Identical features for Windows and Mac

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Nevron Office is the first set of advanced Office applications that provides absolutely identical experience under Windows and Mac without any missing features or limitations.

Nevron Office is by far the first suite of Office applications that provides both the old style Office interface that uses menus and command bars and the new Office interface which uses the Ribbon control. In this way it is up to the user to decide which user interface is more intuitive for him.

Nevron Office comes with several different user interface themes, which allow achieving the look and feel of a Windows App under Mac, and of a Mac App under Windows.