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Drawing custom shapes

As we have already mentioned in previous How To topics, even though Nevron Draw comes with a large number of predefined shapes you can also create your own if you need anything a little more specific or just a shape you cannot find in the libraries.

So far we have described how to create a custom shape via composing shapes. This however is not the only way a custom shape could be created. Another method for making your own is by simply drawing them using the tools in the Tool section of the Ribbon.

Let’s say you would like to use a house shape in your diagram. You can draw a house in few very simple steps:

Create a house first step

First Step
Select the Rectangle tool. Click somewhere on the design area and drag the mouse until the rectangle is as big as you would like it to be.
Create a house second step drawing a triangle

Second Step
To make the roof of the house you can either use the predefined triangle, or you can draw a triangle yourself by using the Line tool.

Create a house third step

Third Step
If you like to also draw a door and a window of your house you can use the Rectangle tool again.
Create a house fourth step

Fourth Step
ow the only thing left is to format your shapes (change the colors, outline colors and etc.). Then select all the parts and group them either via the group button on the Action tab of the Ribbon, or via pressing ctrl + shift + G on your keyboard.

Drawing your own shapes is as easy as a game for kids - all you need for it is a vision and some imagination.

Tips & Tricks: If you would like to save your custom shapes, simply create a new library, then drag the shape and drop it in the library area. Don’t forget to “Save” your library afterwards!

Once you do that your custom shapes will be saved and you can always use them again in other projects just like all the rest of the shapes in the default libraries.

Create a new libraty

Drag and drop custom shapes in the library area

Save the new library