Brits: what they say Vs. what they mean

Brits what they say vs what they mean

Brits: what they say Vs. what they mean

facebook 64twitter 64linkedin 64plus 64reddit 64tumblr 64 Written by Nina Alexander | Published: May 20, 2016
If you weren't born a British citizen yourself but end up communicating with people from the United Kingdom, you may encounter a difficulty. What I'm referring to is the struggle of understanding the hidden meaning behind the polite communication style which they have mastered. To help you handle it, we've gathered together some commonly used expressions and their true meaning. We can't take credit for this wonderful list, but we agree with it and decided to share it with you.

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What they say: I might join you later.
What they mean: I'm not leaving the house today unless it's on fire.

What they say: Excuse me, sorry, is anyone sitting here?
What they mean: You have three seconds to move your bag before I end you.

What they say: Not to worry.
What they mean: I will never forget this.

What they say: Bit wet out there.
What they mean: You're going to need a snorkel because it's absolutely pissing it down.

What they say: Ending an email with "Thanks".
What they mean: A warning that you're perilously close to losing your temper.

What they say: Right then, I suppose I really should start thinking about possibly making a move.
What they mean: Bye.

What they say: It's fine.
What they mean: It really could not possibly get any worse, but I doubt it will do.

What they say: "Perfect"
What they mean: Well, that's that ruined then.

What they say: A bit of a pickle.
What they mean: A catastrophically bad situation with potentially fatal consequences.

What they say: Not too bad actually.
What they mean: I'm probably the happiest I have ever been.

What they say: Honestly, it doesn't matter.
What they mean: Nothing has ever mattered more than this.

What they say: You've caught the sun.
What they mean: You look like you've been swimming in a volcano.

What they say: That's certainly one way of looking at it.
What they mean: That's certainly the wrong way of looking at it.

What they say: If you say so.
What they mean: I'm afraid that what you're saying is the height of idiocy.

What they say: With all due respect.
What they mean: You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

What they say: I beg your pardon.
What they mean:
1. I didn't hear you.
2. I apologize
3. What you're saying is making me absolutely livid.

What they say: It could be worse.
What they mean: It couldn't possibly be any worse.

What they say: Each to their own.
What they mean: You're wrong but never mind.

What they say: Pop round anytime.
What they mean: Please stay away from my house.

What they say: I'm just popping out for lunch, does anyone want anything?
What they mean: I'm getting my own lunch now, please remain silent.

What they say: No, no, honestly, my fault.
What they mean: It was exceedingly your fault and we both know it.

What they say: No yeah, that's very interesting.
What they mean: You are boring me to death.

What they say: Just whenever you get a minute.
What they mean: Now.

What they say: No harm was done.
What they mean: You have caused complete and utter chaos.

What they say: I'm sure it will be fine.
What they mean: I fully expect the situation to deteriorate rapidly.

What they say: Sorry, I think you might have dropped something.
What they mean: You have definitely dropped that specific item.
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